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Anchorage Academy

“ Per Aspera Ad Astra ”

Anchorage Academy, is a school that was started with the aim to help children with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s or any other learning difficulty. There are currently students in the school from Grade R to Grade 7. We limit our classes to no more than 10 students per class as to provide the close interpersonal interaction and attention to each and every student.

We are currently following the Government Curriculum (CAPS) and although the aim of the school is to eventually get the students to an operating level that they can successfully be integrated back into a main stream school, the reality of these students are that integration into main stream education is limited due to the challenges of the current education system where firstly, the existence of students with learning difficulties are not recognized in the current dispensation and secondly, the volume of students in the current main stream system set up is overwhelming for students that need a more personal and one on one approach.    

The current teachers at Anchorage are passionate and patient to work with students with these needs, and it is a prerequisite that a calm and relaxing atmosphere must be maintained during classes. That on itself is challenging considering the nature of most of these students. Structure, routine and discipline are all considered with period allocations to optimize the learning experience.   

By ending off I would like to explain our motto “Per Aspera Ad Astra” which means through difficulties we will reach the stars. I truly believe if you have a confident child then half your battle has been won. The only way to achieve this is by praising the child and showing his/her worth. Every child can be a success in life if shown the right path.  

If there are any questions regarding our school please feel free to contact us!


21 Tamara Street
Tamara Park, Centurion


Email: info@anchorageacademy.org 
Cell: 083 744 0065